aluminium letters on signs

Aluminium Letters On Signs – A Good Design Choice?

aluminium letters on signs

Since its first commercial use in the mid 1970’s, aluminium has become one of the most popular materials in the sign industry. While there are many materials now used in sign production – such as wood, plastic and other composites – aluminium remains an enduring and versatile choice.

Considering the modern industrial interior design trend, it is not surprising that metal signage and lettering has become so popular, particularly in restaurants and bars. However, aluminium itself offers far more than just aesthetic qualities. Indeed, there are many reasons why aluminium signs and lettering is still a strong choice.


Why do aluminium signs and letters matter?

Forget about not judging a book by its cover. Studies show that 68% of consumers believe a business’ sign reflects the quality of its products or services. Your sign could be your customers’ first impression of your brand, so you need to make it count.

Many different design elements go into making a good sign. However, your signage and letters display the name of your business (or at least a strong corporate message), so they should make a lasting impression. Fonts, colours and word placement all have a part to play, but the material you use is crucial to getting your message seen.

When it comes to signage and lettering, aluminium signs are a strong choice (quite literally) for businesses of all types. Aluminium signs and lettering will help your business stand out for the right reasons, and here’s why:

Aluminium signs are affordable

Aluminium is often conflated with luxury, so you might be surprised to learn how affordable it is. When compared to other substrates like redwood and plastic, aluminium signs and letters are the most cost-effective by far. What is more, aluminium is incredibly durable, so once your sign is up, it usually stays there, negating any maintenance or replacement costs.

Aluminium signs are durable

Known for its strength and durability, aluminium is one of the strongest materials used in the sign industry. This means that it is ideal for outdoor use, as it won’t split, warp, bow or shatter. Bear in mind, for signs exposed to high winds or storms, you should always opt for a thicker metal gauge for aluminium signs and letters.

Aluminium signs looks professional

Businesses now know that 3D lettering is crisper, brighter and easier to read. However, to convey your brand in a compelling way you need to ensure your signage materials match up. Aluminium has all the benefits of being strong and versatile, while still looking professional.

Aluminium signs can be sizeable

Spot welding has allowed for the creation of various signage and letter sizes. Due to the welding process associated with aluminium, this material is best suited to large-scale signage so you really can make your signage and lettering stand out.

However, for smaller signs it might be worth considering alternative materials. This is because the soldering process associated with stainless steel, for example, aids in preserving the shape and form of smaller sized letters.

Aluminium is a strong choice, but not the only choice for businesses

There are many obvious benefits to choosing aluminium for your signage and lettering. Perhaps the greatest advantage in relation to other materials is the relative weight and ease of handling during the installation process.

However, aluminium is not the only choice. There are many materials now used in the production of signage and lettering – we have touched on stainless steel, but there are also other materials including wood, plastic and other composites.

Butterfield Signs is a family-run business specializing in traditional as well as modern-day signage. We have been crafting signage and letters from a wide variety of materials since our inception in 1927. To further discuss your next signage project with a member of the Butterfield Signs time, please contact us, and let us bring your brand to life through exceptional signage design.


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